Highway Asset Management

“We know that there is no gain from cutting construction costs today if it will mean much higher servicing costs in the future”

Ekult Highway Services aim is to provide a structured approach to roads maintenance to enable highway authorities to operate, maintain and restore their ‘highway assets’ to meet key performance requirements. Looking after the highways network is a national priority given its fundamental role in the economy. To fulfil this potential, it needs to be adequately maintained. We offer various levels of service from Reactive maintenance to routine planned works. With our combined in house highway services we can effectively & sustainable offer cost effect solutions to highway authorities to ensure their assets and consistently maintained and in good working order.

The asset management approach looks at all transport issues collectively with a long-term view, which allows highway authorities to consider what the alternative options are, set performance targets and assess the results. In this way, they are able to support their funding requests with hard facts. This allows further improvement of the service to be targeted and the timing of maintenance to be planned such that further deterioration is minimised.

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