Through effective business partnering, the Procurement function is committed to supporting our business operations and strategy. To support these objectives it is imperative that Ekult Group Ltd has an efficient and highly effective supply chain. This means we need trusted and collaborative suppliers to support us in delivering ultra-reliable service to our customers.

Ekult Group Ltd buys a wide range of goods and services and need high-performing suppliers across all aspects of our supply chain to ensure that the customer’s money is spent efficiently and responsibly. We need suppliers who possess the appetite to drive continuous improvement through innovation and bringing best practice into the Ekult Group Ltd organisation.

Our specialist procurement teams are integrated into operations and adopt common, high standards – sharing best practices and supplier insights across the Group. Common expenditure across the company is managed and governed using a Group-Led Category Management approach.

Supplier Pre-Qualification Register

We pre-qualify suppliers, for certain types of supply, and this involves satisfying ourselves that they can meet our standards. Certain suppliers will be selected for audit and close monitoring based on risk assessment or supplier performance. Planned reviews of supply chain risk are undertaken by our business.

There are some specific qualification requirements which our Clients specify to us – so there may be some additional requirements from individual business units.

The PQR is designed to support our suppliers in their own development activities – particularly useful for Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Based on our Client requirements, Ekult Group Ltd are interested in speaking to suppliers who:

  • Share our focus on product quality and customer service
  • Deliver to agreed specifications – on time and in full
  • Help us to reduce the overall costs for our customers
  • Work with us in delivering innovative new solutions and external best practice

If this is your business, then we welcome your contact us for further information.