Ekult Group Ltd aim to be world leader in Infrastructure, facilities and associated services. Our Group delivers a comprehensive service from the project consultation stages through design, manufacturing and development to operation and maintenance. The scope of this policy covers all of our UK operations. We strive to deliver sustainable & innovative solutions guided by our values and with our ‘Integrity < Service < Excellence’ manifesto we engage with our teams, customers and supply chain for the benefit of those in the wider community and environment in which we engage. It is important to us to emphasis the social, economic and environmental impact of our business in everything we do, and this policy reflects our commitment to ensuring that sustainability is considered through all our business decisions.

  • Offer career development, supporting our teams to be diverse, engaged, motivated and competent – together working towards the sustainable success of our business
  • Engage positively with civic projects and the local communities in which we work, both through specific project engagement and through company-wide initiatives
  • Deliver sustainable profitable growth while satisfying our ethical, legal and contractual obligations
  • Improve resource efficiency, sustainable consumption, and production, throughout the whole supply chain from design through to operation
  • Encourage ideas and innovation, internally and with our supply chain, that can create financial savings and benefit our customers, society and environment
  • Actively promote sustainability in our industry through the industry associations, partnerships and organisations we support, including Build UK and Supply Chain Sustainability School
  • Demand sector-leading Health, Safety and Environmental performance from our own teams and our subcontractors
  • Integrate our sustainability goals throughout our operations
  • Commit to measuring our impact through Health, Safety and Environmental performance data, employee engagement surveys, customer satisfaction feedback and our financial performance.
    This policy will be reviewed annually, and be adapted if changes to the company occur. This policy will be communicated to all staff via the intranet and copies will be posted on all our office noticeboards.